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What we think is what we do

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Education from the different fields and schools has been defined in different ways. Some says 'it's a process' and some says 'it's a skill'. I don't have any prejudice against any kind of definitions as we often find people defining anything as the purpose it serves. So I never go for defining it rather I am interested in developing the methods how it can be easily accessible and consumable and digestible by the learners; what the right way to present it before the simple learners is.

Every conscious educator has found the education sector or institution incomplete and it is the general phenomenon of this field.  George Lucas is such a person who found the educational institutions or teaching method incomplete or improper. He hit upon the plan to the practical approach of teaching. And founded The George Lucas Educational Foundation. Let's listen to his story here......


Towards the Path of Prosperity

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Since my inception in Cordova Int'l School & College, I have always tried to find out the easiest way to teach the students and give them a good start. The secret that I found about a student's being interested in a certain subject is that the student was given a good start by the teacher. So I believe in simplified methods of teaching. I always try to teach the same subject in different ways. One thing help me greatly that I used to take the replacement classes of in the teachers' absence and I have found myself successful. When the pupils requested me to take the subject permanently, I understood their cause. I directed the particular teacher on my method and most of the time I was successful.




Commitments Of the Right Development Of the Vital Academics.