We have two sessions going on side by side. For January session, admission procedure starts in the mid October and for the July-June session starts in the mid-April. A large number of students are admitted in Play Group. But other classes get students according to the availability of the seats vacant for transfer or for other causes. Admission is offered on the basis of character, previous records, personal interview and results of assessment tests conducted by the institution. Application for admission is to be made in the prescribed form to be obtained from the office of the institution. Applications are invited in the month of November and admission test is held in December. Enrollment of students is completed by the first week of January. Besides, the Authority of the Cordova is also maintaining admission procedure for the session July to June to meet the increasing demand of the guardians.

It may be mentioned here that the admission test is not held in respect of Play Group to KG II


Commitments Of the Right Development Of the Vital Academics.